January 09, 2017

This Winter Save Energy by up to 50% with HVLS Fans

[ Heat Destratification: the Hidden Saver ]

What really is Heat Destratification?  You don’t see it, you don’t feel it, you don’t hear it.

But done right it really makes a difference.

In your heating bill.

In your comfort.

In your carbon footprint.

I would argue that HVLS fans are the best way to get just the right amount of air moving and mixing to get uniform temperature in large and tall spaces.  They can move the masses of air with just enough force that you don’t feel a breeze, but it is mixed thoroughly.  At all levels and in all the nooks and crannies of the space.

Suh that if you want 65 degrees at the floor level, you also get 65 degrees essentially everywhere else. As opposed to what is far too often the case 65 degrees at the floor, but 85 degrees or more at the ceiling.

Think about that.

Without heat destratification, the heaters are running far too often just to keep the floor level at a desired set point.  But up (and often out) goes the heat nobody is getting to enjoy (and for those working at higher levels they can be working up a needless and uncomfortable sweat).

So the big fans get the air mixed.  The heaters run less often - hence the silence - and the savings.  Usually big savings.

Take the 65/85 temperature difference scenario above.  With heat destratification eliminating the 20 degree difference, that is effectively a 10 degree average effective temperature change in the heated space.  As a typical rule of thumb, one can expect a 3% to 5% reduction/saving in fuel energy usage for every degree change.  By my math that can be a 30% - and yes - even up to 50% savings – even more with greater temperature differences!

It’s the lower utility bills where you can see heat destratification working!

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