March 25, 2017

Municipal Madness

OK, I will admit it, like any good marketer, I am not ashamed to bundle messaging opportunities with the March Madness college basketball tournament currently taking place.

Only here I am talking about how HVLS fans are ideal for Municipalities – and Colleges and Universities.

If you think about it, they, and those entrusted to lead them, have many of the same objectives -

  • They provide critical services to many. 
  • They have recurring budget challenges with generally limited and/or fixed resources available.  While spending other peoples’ money wisely, their financial challenges only get more challenging as time goes on.
  • They want to be good stewards and set good examples for their constituents and stakeholders, especially students and residents.
  • They take a long term view, ensuring their charges will continue for decades and even centuries to come.

As part of all this, and consistent with all of the objectives noted above, Municipalities and Colleges are openly committed to sustainable energy efficient practices.

Enter HVLS fans.  Perhaps one of the most impactful energy saving tools they can adopt.  In so many places -

  • Put them in the DPW garages, fire stations, and equipment maintenance buildings.
  • Put them in the gymnasiums.
  • Put them in the big halls and atriums.
  • Put them anywhere they use energy to heat or cool large spaces.

There are few other solutions as effective at achieving their energy use reduction goals.
The Madness is really in not investing in the future with HVLS fans.

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